Why Us

[well]Why Smartsites


It’s no secret almost everyone is online these days. If you offer a product or service we recommend you go online and meet them there.

Is it complicated? – We make websites easy because we understand from 1st hand experience and research the hassles involved in getting online and taking that away from our customers.

So what about free websites? – There are different products out there but that could be the most expensive decision you ever make. A website should not be just a thing (Hi I am on the Web) it’s a reflection on you, your clients and your services.




What about keywords and search optimization? The first things to consider is that a large number of online searches are specific when the customer is looking for things that are relevant to them.

We use Google tools to access the wording that will maximise results for your site and we also include an optimization tool. This does not guarantee success however as search engines take many things into consideration for customer searches such as relevance and frequency.

We offer free advice while designing your site and packages to assist our customers in this area should they wish.

What kind of site do I need? There is research that states he customer decides in 3 seconds whether to stay and browse your site or move on – (that’s about the same amount of time it will take you to read this). We look at every business separately and make recommendations based on your online objectives.

What’s the catch? Well actually there isn’t one. We work on low margins and low overhead and pass those savings directly back to our customers.

Why SmartSites? – We make it easy, get you online quickly and bring many years of experience in advising our clients.[/well]