Smart Advice

Welcome to our support page. Here we attempt to answer some the the many questions we get asked

( Q ) I am totally confused. I have been quoted all sorts of different prices for a website and told it depends on what you want ?
( A ) Many companies look at the costing of a site by time allocated and ask the customer what they want. This of course is both expensive in time and cash. We understand these issues from both research & personal experiences. We learn about your business and what you are looking to achieve first and then provide solutions and alternatives that make the process simpler.
(Q ) I don’t really understand the costs around domain names and hosting ?
( A ) Generally the cost of hosting and your domain will be renewable each year (unless you purchase them for longer). Our smart options include everything, so as a customer you can see exactly what is involved. Some companies will charge for domain and hosting anywhere from (circa) €60 – €100+ a year.(depending on your site.
( Q ) We already have a website which isn’t working and doesn’t properly represent our business, can we change over to a new site with you ?
( A ) Yes, its very straightforward. Smartsites will have your new site up and running within 72 hours.
( Q ) Our domain name and hosting is with another company. Does this cause any problem if we move to a Smartsite ?
( A ) This can depend on the agreement you have currently and may require a letter from you to your existing provide to release and transfer your domain across to a new host. In most cases its straightforward but can take a few days. We work with clients to ensure their new site goes live on the day that transfer takes place.
( Q ) I don’t seem to be getting a response to my website ?
( A ) Are you promoting your website in the best possible way. Are the details on your business card, On your van or car, are you mentions the website in any advertising you may be doing.
( Q ) I was expecting more from my website ?
( A ) Your website should be a shop window for your business. Remember, your content is what the public will see, so review it and make sure it is complete and up to date. There is nothing more unappealing than a stale website.
( Q ) People can’t find my website in google?
( A ) You may need to look at the text in your website to make sure that the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is been given the best and most accurate information on your site.?
( Q ) Can I add more pages and a link to Facebook ?
( A ) Of course you can. We can provide you with both options as part of an upgrade. Contact us now and one of our trained specialists will discuss your requirements with you. Once we have ascertained the exact requirements we can advise you of the costs involved and what we will require from you in terms of content, log in details etc.