Jargon Buster


This entitles the user to one of the following domain extensions, if available .com, .me, .eu, .info, .org, .tel, .tv, .co.uk, .com, .org. This forms part of the web address and relates to the country or type of buisness engaged in.

Number of Pages

These are the maximum number of individual pages that you can have on your website. Example: Home Page, About, Services, Contact.

Hosting Space

This is the maximum amount of space provided for your website. This will allow you to store pdf files, Small Video clips etc.This is how much space is required (usage space) on a computer (sever) where your website will sit.

Monthly Bandwidth

This is the maximum amount of web traffic that can access your site in any calendar month. When the limit is reached (unlikely as would need 000’s of users at once), the site may shut down, until the next month.

Logo Integration

If you have provided us with a logo, we will incorporate that into the site and ensure that the colour scheme of the site is matched with your logo. Note: This must be provided in one of the following formats. .jpg .Pict .tiff

Content Management System (CMS)

This will allow you to edit the content of your website. You can change the text and or pictures that are contained within. You cannot however move text or Picture boxes around the site.

Visitor Statistics

These figures contain information on how many visits your site has had, what pages were looked at etc.

Contact Form

This will allow a visitor to fill in a simple enquiry form, which will generate an email to be sent directly to you. From here you can then follow up with the appropriate action.

Social Media – Facebook / Twitter / Linkedin / Instagram / Google Spaces

This will provide a link to your page or profile on the above Sites.

Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO )

These are the use of words and phrases within your site that help it be found quicker and move up the rankings with Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Web Standards Compliant

This ensures that your website is built correctly and conforms to the Web Standards set down by the World Wide Web Consortium. The aim is to construct your website to make it easier and faster for Google.

Title and ALT Tag Setup

These are setup to ensure a good response when registering the site with search engines such as Google and yahoo

Google Webmaster Complience

This is the same as Web Standards Compliance, but with Google in mind.

Site Map

This is a full graphical Flowchart of your site, to aid searching and navigation.

Google Map

This is an add on to provide a map to enable customers to find the location of your premises.

Homepage Slideshow Images

You can have up to 4 moving images in a slide show on your homepage. These can be pictures and/or text and can be used to highlight products, offers, service etc.you to store pdf files, Small Video clips etc.

Video Player Integration

We can provide video on your website. This is provide by YouTube and can be displayed on your site ( Note : If the video is deleted on YouTube, it is also deleted from your site )

Twitter Feed / Facebook Feed

We can provide Twitter updates to your site directly from Twitter or Facebook Like/Recommend Integration. Unlike a Facebook link to your page, this can bring your Facebook page directly to the site and show those who like your site and users can add themselves to the Facebook like